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Personal Information
Playing Age:              20’s                     Date of Birth:            10/7/1993                                 Actual Age:                23                                      

Sex:                                Female              Hair Colour:              Blonde                                          Eyes:                              Hazel              

Nationality:                Irish                   Ethnicity:                    Caucasian                                    Native Accent:          Irish

Height:                        5"3                       Weight:           
    Shauna is the oldest of 4 children, all of whom are avid performers, two of them in full time professional training in the performing arts.
    Shauna is an outgoing girl and loves being on stage. She was the lead singer in a band for a few years but due to work commitments had to leave. She is a full time fundraiser for Unicef.

    She has always loved to perform and reached the semi-final stage of Dublin’s Teen Idol Competition in 2009,2010 and 2011.

    Skills:                                      Irish Dancing, Tap, Musical Theatre, Drama, Piano, Swimming, Sailing, Ice Skating, Skiing, Skate-boarding

    Language:                            English, Irish, German.

    Training and Credits
    MSPA (1997-­2012):                                                           Musical Theatre, Tap and Drama.  
    Scoil Rince Rooney (1996-2013):                               Irish Dancing

    TV Credits:
    Year      Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director   
    2012    Love/Hate                                                                           Extra                                                                                     David Caffrey, RTE

    Movie Credits:

    Stage Credits:
    Year     Show                                   Part                             Venue                                                       Director
    2011    Oliver                                 Chorus                       NCH, Dublin                                        Vivian Coates
    2010    Wizard of Oz                 Chorus                       Wexford Opera House                   Vivian Coates

    Bi-Annually    MSPA Show        Chorus        Helix Theatre, Dublin        MSPA