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Personal Information
Playing Age:              15-17                        Date of Birth:            24th Jan 2000                         Actual Age:                16                   

Sex:                                Female                     Hair Colour:              Brown                                            Eyes:                             Hazel              

Nationality:               Irish                           Ethnicity:                   Causcasion                                   Native Accent :         Irish
Height:                        5'6''                           Weight:                       60kg
    Isobel has a strong passion for performing  and hopes  to have a career in the industry and to study musical theatre and dance after school. Isobel is an outing girl and is very focused to succeed with the goals she sets. She has been a teaching assistant in the stage school she goes to for a year. Isobel enjoys working with the children and helping them to let there talents grow with confidence. Isobel hopes to be a teacher and own her own stage school one day. Isobel started her performing career at the tender age of 3. In 2003 Isobel joined the Irish ballet school, she then went on to learn Latin and ballroom dancing (2003) as her mom represented Ireland all over the world for Latin and ballroom. Isobel has won many titles herself and at the age of 8 Isobel won the all-Ireland championships in both Latin and ballroom with her partner, dancing against 12 years olds. In 2005 Isobel joined I.T.W with her 2 brothers. In 2006 Isobel started singing lessons in Jackies school of music where she completed exams to grade 4. In 2008 Isobel then joined Curtain call stage school where she started her Irish board of speech and drama exams and her l.A.M.D.A exams in musical theatre, singing and drama. Isobel has only 4 more exams to finish. Since joining Curtain Call stage School Isobel has performed in many shows including: seussical the musical as a bird girl, Cinderella as the queen, magic of the musicals where she sang all that jazz, clue where she played Ms.scarlet, give my regards to Broadway where she sang me in heir, beauty and the beast as Mrs Potts and many more. In 2015 Isobel got the opportunity to be a part of the inspector calls in the gaiety theatre along side the English touring cast. This gave Isobel an insight to what working theatre is like and it only made her desire to preform stronger. 

    Skills:                                        singing, acting, ballet, Latin, ballroom dancing, jazz, contemporary, tap 

    Language:                              English studying Irish and French in school 
    Training and Credits
    Curtain Call Stage School (2008 to date):
    TV Credits:
    Year      Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director
    Movie Credits:

    Stage Credits:
    Year      Show                                                                                        Part                                                Venue                                                                 Director
    2015     An Inspector Calls                                                            Extra                                              The Gaiety Theatre
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