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Personal Information
Playing Age:              15-17                         Date of Birth:            12th April 2001                                Actual Age:                  15                                       
Sex:                                 Male                          Hair Colour:               Brown                                                     Eyes:                               Brown             

Nationality:                Irish                            Ethnicity:                     Caucasion                                             Native Accent:           Irish

Height:                          5’5                              Weight:      
Ross has been performing from an early age when he started with the local stage school(MSPA) aged 3 and has recently left there to join FACT.

Ross’s biggest achievement to date is winning the part of Michael in the New Musical ‘Peter Pan’ which premiered in The Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin. He spent 2 weeks rehearsing in London for this part. His highlight was learning to fly on the wires.

Ross recently played the part of Zeke in High School Musical in the Helix and is currently rehearsing this part for production in the Tivoli this December.

Ross has competed in many feiseanna in Ireland and Europe and has won plenty of medals and trophies for his Irish Dancing.

Skills:                          Musical Theatre, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet, Singing, Drama, Hurley, Football, Swimming, Sailing, Piano, TinWhistle, Ice Skating and Skiing.

Language:                English, Irish and Spanish
Training and Credits
FACT(Jan 2016 to date):                                                                           Singing, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary
MSPA(2005 to 2016):                                                                                Drama (Grade 5), Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz Funk
Scoil Rince Rooney(2003-2012):                                                         Irish Dancing
YMT London                                                                                                    2 week intensive training. Awarded Grade 8 Musical Theatre in
                                                                                                                                Production from Trinity College London
MT4Uth:                                                                                                            Boot camps 2014, 2013, 2012

TV Credits:
Year          Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director
2015        Fair City.                                                                              Extra.                                                                                     RTE
2013        Elev8 - Snapped                                                              Photographer                                                                    RTE
2012        Food Guide to Love                                                       Schoolboy                                                                           Parallel Films & Tornasol,          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Directed by Dominic Harari and Teresa de Pelegri
2012        1916 Seachtar Anaithnid                                           Extra                                                                                      TV Docudrama, Abu Media.
2011        RTE Documentary                                                          Extra                                                                                     Blinder Films.
2010        Singing Group                                                                   Soloist                                                                                   TG4 - Feis & Blood
2010        Irish Dance Group                                                          Dancer                                                                                  TG4, An Jig Gig
Movie Credits:
2012        Susie Cohen’s Communion Extra                          Extra                                                                                        Jim Sheridan & Shimmy Marcus
Stage Credits:
Year      Show                                                                                        Part                                                Venue                                                             Director
2016    High SM                                                                                  Zeke                                               Helix                                                                Sean Gilligan
2016    Evita                                                                                         Chorus                                          Malahide CS                                                Tony Finnegan
2015    Romeo & Juliette                                                               Priest/Extra                               Bord Gais Energy Theatre                   Perm State Ballet
2015    Phantom of the Opera                                                    Chorus                                         The Helix Theatre                                     Sean Gilligan
2015    The Midnight                                                                       Romford                                      Barbican Theatre, Plymouth               YMT
                        Flower Press   
2014    Oliver                                                                                       Chorus                                         SCC                                                                   School Production
2014    Our House                                                                            The Priest/Chorus                 Millbank Theatre                                       MT4Uth
2014    Evita                                                                                          Chorus                                         Belfast                                                             MT4Uth
2013    West Side Story                                                                  Chorus                                         Millbank Theatre                                       MT4Uth
2012    Don’t stop us Now                                                             Soloist                                          Helix Theatre, Dublin                              MSPA   
2012    The King & I                                                                           Son                                                Bord Gais Energy Theatre                    West End Production
2012    Oliver                                                                                       Oliver                                            Waterside Theatre, Derry                    MT4Uth
2011    Oliver                                                                                       Fagin’s Gang                             NCH, Dublin                                                 Vivian Coates
2011    Peter Pan                                                                                Michael Darling                      Bord Gais Energy Theatre                   Chris Hornby
2011    Fiddler on the Roof                                                          Chorus                                         Gaiety Theatre, Dublin                           Jim Molloy Productions
2011    Gala Performance                                                             Dancer                                         Helix Theatre, Dublin                               St. Francis Hospice
2010    Wizard of Oz                                                                       Munchkin                                    Wexford Opera House                            Vivian Coates
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