Personal Information
Playing Age:              13-15                                     Date of Birth:            30th April 2003                         Actual Age:                13               

Sex:                                Female                                  Hair Colour:              Dark brown                                   Eyes:                           Greeny brown

Nationality:                Irish                                       Ethnicity:                    Causcasian                                     Native Accent:           Neutral

Height:                        5ft 6                                        Weight:                        50 kg


    Lauren started speech and drama, singing and dancing at the age 5. She's played the roles of the artful dodger (oliver), belle (beauty and the beast), Anna (frozen), as well as many other roles in productions with her stage school. Lauren has received a distinction in her singing exam with Irish board of speech and drama.

    She is a very outgoing, confident, chatty girl. She has so much passion for acting, dancing and singing and would be lost without it.
    Skills:                                      reading, songwriting, Camogie, movies and
                                                       hanging round with friends.

    Training and Credits
    Curtain call stage school (2014 to date):                                             singing, acting, dancing, musical theatre.
    Backstage Naas (2014):                                                                                singing, acting, dancing.
    Westside (2013):                                                                                              singing, acting, dancing.
    Backstage Abbeyleix (2010):                                                                     singing, acting, dancing and musical theatre.
    Heywood Cs.I (2008-2010):                                                                      Speech and drama, acting and dancing         

    TV Credits:
    Year      Film/Drama                             Part                                                                              Director
    Movie Credits:
    Stage Credits:
    Year    Show               Part                 Venue                                     Director

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