Personal Information
Playing Age:              10-12yrs                      Date of Birth:         13th Aug 2004                         Actual Age:                12                               

Sex:                                Male                                Hair Colour:            Light Brown                               Eyes:                             Blue   

Nationality:                Irish                                 Ethnicity:                  Caucasian                                   Native Accent:         Irish

Height:                        4’9”                                   Weight:                       5st 4lb   
    Shane is a quite boy and takes direction well. He is happy working alone or with others. He loves to perform.

    Shane is a talented boy achieving honours in both Drama/Musical Theatre Duo Bronze award and Musical Theatre Syllabus Stage Two. He has also got grade 1 Dance Drama & Exercise.

    Shane got down to the last few last year when he auditioned for a supporting lead role in the Jamie Bolger story.

    He gets involved in everything, he has just been elected chairperson of the student council in his school

    Shane is an avid train collector.

    Drama, Musical Theatre

    Training and Credits
    SDDA :                                                           Drama
    TV Credits:
    Year      Film/Drama                                                                      Part                                                                                        Director
    2013    Jedward Dream Factory                                                                                                                                              RTE
    Movie Credits:

    Stage Credits:
    Year      Show                                                                                        Part                                                Venue                                                             Director
    2016    Magical Mystery Tour                                                     Various                                          The Civic Theatre                                    Paula Kearns - SDDA
    2015    Fusion                                                                                      Ali Baba                                         The Civic Theatre                                    Paula Kearns - SDDA
    2013    Strictly Talent                                                                      MC and other                             The Civic Theatre       
    2012    Cinderella                                                                              Rockafella/Off Stage              The Civic Theatre                                    Xquisite Dance
    2010    Xquisite Dance                                                                    Dancer                                           The Tallaght Theatre   
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