PHOENIX Performing Arts College
and Studio

A brand New College for 2017 founded by Therese Rooney and Patrick Cooney. Following Therese's own children leaving school after junior cert to follow their dream of a career in Musical Theatre, they decided Ireland needs to provide a system which allows our kids to be on the same level as their english counterparts. Performers wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts are up against it in Ireland and we are going to bridge the gap between the 2 systems. Phoenix will provide access for their students to full time professional training, preparation for auditions to the worlds leading dance/performance colleges while allowing them to get A Levels and therefore have an education.
Phoenix Dance studio runs a diverse number of courses and try to cover every discipline of the performing arts to give students a well rounded training.
At Phoenix Dance Studio we provide a top of the range training facility and home to all the performing arts.
We are inclusive and we have a performaning company  available for corporate and social events.

​A Brand new Theatre with 160 Seats

More Specs and Information to come

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